The Doctors of Celebrity Dental are in-network providers for many dental insurance plans. Please call our office for details about your specific policy. Additionally, Many parents are not aware that currently under the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) many children are now covered under their medical insurance for dental care. Please call us so we can verify if you have dental coverage under your medical insurance.

Please provide your insurance card or information prior to your first visit so that we can contact your dental insurance company and provide you with the most accurate information about your dental policy coverage in our office. Please know that our office does not have to be on your preferred provider list for you to receive your full insurance benefits.

If you find that our office does not participate with your plan, we will be happy to work with you to maximize your benefits as an out-of-network provider with your insurance company. For patients with extensive treatment needs that aren’t covered by dental insurance, we offer low-cost patient financing through in order to make your child’s dental treatment stay within your family’s budget.

Please call the office for details. Below is a partial list of many of the PPO insurance plans that we accept. Please be aware that some of the insurance companies listed may only offer some plans that we participate in. Please be sure to call our office to verify details of your specific policy and for the most current insurance information.