Our Very own Dr Joel Preminger is a pediatric dental specialist, young patients are a vital part of our practice. He is qualified to treat patients of all ages, including young children. He can start seeing your child as young as two years of age.

    To help keep your kids entertained, we provide chalkboards, coloring books, stickers, balls, and books to read in our waiting room.

    Having a practice where both adults and children can receive dental care is more convenient for the whole family. At Celebrity Dental, we can schedule simultaneous and consecutive appointments so both parent and child can get their teeth cleaned all on the same day.

    Because healthy teeth maintenance starts as soon as teeth erupt, it’s important to educate young patients and parents on the importance of oral hygiene and the dangers of cavities. Dr. Novick provides helpful tips for implementing a good oral hygiene regimen at home.

    The sooner your child starts taking care of their teeth, the lower their risk of developing cavities. We also provide a “Cavity-Free Club” for our young patients to motivate them to take care of their growing smiles.

    Why Is Dental Care Important for Children?

    Since primary teeth eventually fall out to make way for permanent teeth, they may not seem as much of a priority. But this could not be further from the truth. Developing baby teeth help your child’s jaw develop properly and serve as a guide for permanent tooth position. If these teeth are lost early, it could cause oral developmental issues.

    Because the enamel on baby teeth is softer, children are more prone to cavities. While brushing and flossing teeth are certainly important, visiting the dentist for routine examinations every six months should also be a part of your child’s oral hygiene regimen.

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    It is at these appointments we can examine teeth for the earliest signs of cavities. We can also provide preventative measures, such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

    Fluoride, a natural occurring mineral, is used in dental treatments to help strengthen enamel. Depending on the age of the patient, it can be applied directly on the tooth or provided as a mouth rinse.

    Dental sealants are thin plastic or porcelain coatings that are typically placed over teeth more susceptible to decay, such as the teeth in the back of the mouth used more frequently for chewing. These serve as a protective seal against food and unhealthy bacteria and can be easily removed when necessary.

    If a cavity is located, Dr. Novick can provide a mercury and BPA-free dental filling as a safe and effective way for restoring your child’s smile.

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    If your child hasn’t visited the dentist yet and they are over the age of two, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today. You can contact our Franklin Square, NY office online or by calling (516) 481-1446.