Porcelain Crowns  Franklin Square, NY

Porcelain crowns and bridges are great dental solutions if you are missing a single tooth or if you have many missing teeth. A missing tooth can not only affect your smile but also your bite and oral health. At Celebrity Dental, we offer dental bridges and crowns to restore function and appearance to your smile. Dental bridges can support one missing tooth or several and rely on your existing healthy teeth to support them.

If you are missing one tooth or several, we may recommend a dental bridge to restore your smile. A bridge is a fixed dental restoration, meaning it is non-removable as it is anchored into place through the use of custom dental crowns. The bridge is placed on the teeth or dental implants next to the empty space caused by the missing teeth. The custom-made crowns will hold the artificial teeth in place restoring your smile and ensuring that the bridge does not shift or become loose.

Typically only two visits are needed to complete a dental bridge, but it can vary from patient to patient. Dental bridges are designed to be a long lasting solution if taken care of properly with good oral hygiene habits.

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