Post OP Instructions


Post Operative & Post Treatment Instructions


  • Do not floss, Waterpik, or use any type of pic on the teeth fo the next 10 days.
  • Do not eat any crunch food on those teeth for 7 days.
  • Do not use any mouth rinse today. No warm salt water.
  • Do not brush the area for 12 hours.
  • You can go back to normal brushing and rinsing the next day.


  • Bite on Gauze for 2 hours. Then fold 2 new gauze bite and change every 2 hours
  • No smoking, rinsing, brushing or using a straw. Suction can cause severe pain
  • Day after extraction rinse mouth gently every 3-4 hours (especially after meals) warm salt water= tall glass 1 teaspoon salt stir gently hold over area and gently rinse and repeat
  • Light diet is advisable during the first 24 hours. You should only eat soft foods.
  • Please follow the directions given on the packet of gauze, which you received at your visit.

Do NOT take these Dietary Supplements for 1 week
Garlic, Vitamin E, Flaxseed, Magnesium, Selenium, Coenzyme Q10, Glucosamine, Lycopene, Omega-3 Fish Oil, Vitamin A Complex, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, Ginger

Fillings, Crown and Bridges

  • Do not eat anything on the tooth for 2 weeks.
  • Do not floss or Waterpik the tooth for 2 days. When you do, pull the floss through the side.
  • It is normal for the tooth to be sensitive to hot, cold, and chewing for 4 months.
  • Do not click your teeth together to check the bite. You might cause damage.
  • Rinse your gums with warm salt water after meals to reduce soreness if needed. (TALL GLASS, WARM WATER, 1TSP SALT, 10 SECONDS)
  • Brush gently.

Full/Partial Dentures

  • Clean your dentures with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Read out loud for 15 minutes twice a day to train your tongue.
  • Eat only soft foods for the first week.
  • If yo get a sore spot, take denture out for 24 hours and rinse with warm salt water. (WARM WATER, 1 TSP SALT, RINSE FOR 10 SECONDS)
  • Your bite and speaking may feel strange for a few months.
  • Do not sleep with dentures.
  • Only wear dentures for 2 hours around meal times the first week. Wear them for 2 hours, take out for 2 hours, alternate.

Teeth Whitening

  • brush with Sensodyne toothpaste until tube is completely finished.
  • No smoking (very important)
  • No Listerine for one week
  • ACT with fluoride is okay.
  • Stay away from anything too hot or too cold for 2 days.
  • Stay away from juice, soda, tea, coffee and red wine for 1 day.
  • Anything acidic may cause sensitivity.
  • If your teeth are sensitive for 1-2 weeks that is normal- just avoid what is causing the sensitivity.

Root Canal Therapy

First of all, Congratulations, you made it through the Root Canal! Hopefully you had a pleasant experience, considering the circumstances. That truly is our goal.

The most difficult questions we are asked is, “What am I going to feel after the numbness wears off?” Root Canal Therapy disinfects the inside of the root of an infected tooth. Since everyone heals differently, it is hard to predict what your experience will be. The following instructions are meant to guide you through the healing phase as comfortable as possible.

  • Do NOT chew, touch with a finger, tap with tongue or finger, bite or put pressure on that tooth until your next visit. Do NOT floss or Waterpik that area and brush gently every day.
  • If you are given any prescription medication related to this treatment please take them as instructed by Dr. Novick.
  • Rinsing the inside of your mouth in the area of the treatment several times a day with warm salt water rinses can relieve mild irritation of the gum around the teeth.

Root Planing

  • Do not chew on that side today.
  • Do not floss or use piks on that side today.
  • Gently brush. Gently Waterpik
  • The first day, rinse with warm salt water after eating (TALL GLASS, WARM WATER, 1 TSP SALT, 10 SECONDS).

Temporary Crowns & Bridges

  • Do not eat on that side until your next visit.
  • Do not floss or Waterpik that area until your next visit.
  • Rinse the gums with warm salt water. (TALL GLASS, WARM WATER, 1 TSP SALT, 10 SECONDS)
  • It is normal for your tooth to be sensitive to hot and cold
  • Brush gently every day.
  • If the Temporary comes off you can gently put it back in with Fixodent or Polygrip and call our office to let us know.
  • It is normal for the Temporary to feel rough, bulky, or a different bite.


  • Eat soft foods – see list
  • Before Dinner and Bed Time
  • Do Warm compresses alternating 10 min. on and 10 min. off (repeat twice daily)
  • Sleep on other side
  • When yawning- try to keep mouth from opening too wide
  • Try to not talk too much!


It is OKAY to eat the following foods:
Yogurt, Oatmeal, Applesauce, Banana, Blueberries, Watermelon, Meatballs, Spaghetti, Pasta, Cake, Ice Cream (without nuts), Fish, Tuna Fish, Peas, Cooked Carrots, Spinach, Eggs, Thin Soft Cheese, Jello, Pudding

Do not eat the following foods:
Apples, Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Peppers, Granola, Oranges, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, Grapes, Steak, Carrots, Bagels, Chicken Salad, Crackers, Pizza, Nuts, Peanut Butter, Candy, Gum.

NOTE: Any food that you cannot break up with your tongue is too hard. Please do not call for any adjustment appointment until you are only eating approved foods.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 516-481-1446.

Kathryn Barry
15:15 16 Aug 23
The entire team at Celebrity Dental is absolutely amazing! I’m usually terrified of dentist visits but everyone at the office makes sure you’re comfortable with their friendliness and upbeat demeanors. They’re extremely efficient too! I have not had to sit in the waiting room once and I’ve been here a few times now. Will definitely keep coming back 😊
Vita Tocci
00:57 16 Aug 23
Friendly office. Wonderful professional staff. Never a wait. Will miss Dr. Novick, but met Dr. Schreiber today who seemed very kind and capable. I highly recommend Celebrity Dental.
Ivan Shinsato
12:36 07 Aug 23
I love this place!!! The staff is friendly and goes above and beyond. I have to go out of network to come here and they work with me and my insurance. The time they spent with me is incredible in this day and age of fast pace service. I highly recommend this place to anyone that cares about their teeth and wants people that care too.
Deborah Clark
06:25 24 Jul 23
I got an appointment right away, (it was an emergency) & I did not have to wait in the office long at all to be seen.
Michael Slavin
09:53 30 Apr 23
My wife and I have been seeing Dr Novick since he opened his practice in Franklin Square, about 27 years ago. He is highly skilled, friendly, always gentle, and up to date with modern methods to make his treatments more comfortable, quick and most beneficial for his patients. He talks to you during your time in the chair- explaining what he is doing, making you laugh at times, and always tuned in to your comfort level and needs. In our opinion, there is no better dentist.
Eileen Eng
17:15 25 Apr 23
Dr. Novick and the staff are very friendly. I was very nervous on my first visit. But Dr. Novick put me at ease. He explained everything before working on my teeth. A wonderful visit.
anzn mndhr
23:19 07 Jan 23
Dentist at its best. All the employees work with Dr. Novick are caring and goes beyond their job discription to make their clients feel comfortable.
Philip Press
19:18 07 Dec 22
Our family has been seeing Dr. Novick for more than twenty years. His office is a positive place and we consider him an excellent dentist. He truly cares about his patients and goes to extremes to make sure they're comfortable.
Patricia Burgess
19:22 08 Nov 22
Dr Novick and his staff are the best I was just in to get my teeth bonded. Dr Novick did a brilliant job . It was painless and Dr Novick puts you at ease as he's doing the procedure. And his office manager Danielle and the rest of the staff are wonderful
18:00 11 Jan 22
Dr. Novick is really amazing. I hated going to the dentist until I started going to him. He takes pride in his work and makes sure his clients have a positive experience. He’s constantly checking in on you while he’s doing work. Making sure you’re okay and you’re not feeling any pain. He also gives you a thorough explanation of what is going on in your mouth so you can know what to do better to improve dental health. Again, I’ve never come across a dentist, or any service provider for that matter, that takes the amount of time and pride in their work and care for their clients. Would give him 10 stars if I could!
Lauren Kiefer-Foley
21:39 10 Nov 21
I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Novick and his staff! I have severe anxiety and fear when it comes to the dentist and I fear every visit. Everyone from Danielle, to Pam to Dr. Novick himself help to make me feel help to elevate some of my fears! They are all understanding of my fears and anxieties and work very hard with me to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. Novick is gentle, caring and knowledgeable. I am beyond grateful to have a dentist like Dr. Novick! ~Lauren Kiefer-Foley
Patricia Barbieri
01:30 10 Oct 21
Dr. Novick is a fantastic Dentist. Very serious and professional.... With All My Sincerity to Dr. Novick and his staff. He really helped to the best of his ability. Patrice Barbieri
Gio G
12:43 16 Jun 21
if your looking for a professional, clean, caring office this IS the place to go! The staff is always welcoming and courteous. Dr Novick is caring and always follows up with his patient. My Dad goes here and is not fluent in English and they always make the time for me when I call and get his update on care. Excellent experience.
Tracey Young
23:21 29 Mar 21
This was my very first visit to Celebrity Dental and I am so very happy that I chose them for my dental needs. It has been some time since I've seen a dentist especially one that I truly felt comfortable with, hence one of the major reasons I have not paid regular visits to any dentist office. From the first phone call to schedule an appointment, to the dental hygienist completing my cleaning, the entire staff, was so pleasant. Dr Novick, is very informative and his patience and his care for his patients showed through and through. Dr Novick took his time making me and my sons feel so very comfortable, teaching us so many truths about oral care and answering any question he was asked clearly and honestly. The knowledge we received from just the first visit will last a lifetime. Thank you Celebrity Dental, Dr Novick, and the entire staff for the wonderful experience. P.S. I cannot remember the name of my dental hygienist but I just want to give her a huge SHOUT OUT for being so excellent at cleaning my teeth, especially for the numbing topical, LOL.
Luigi Berardi
17:40 29 Mar 21
Changed dentist office after 20+ years, and my recent experience at Celebrity Dental totally exceeded my expectations. From the office manager, to the hygienist, to Dr Novick, the entire team was extremely kind, super knowledgeable & so welcoming!! They did everything with a smile, felt super safe & made me feel very comfortable the entire time! Thank you Celebrity Dental!!
Mariann Ebert
22:04 02 Mar 21
Dr. Novick and his staff are always professional and helpful. Dr Novick and Hygienist Pam always make my kids (3, 6 and 15) comfortable and they look forward to going to the dentist. They are gentle and explain everything before doing anything. Dianne is always so friendly and helpful with taking care of everything. I am so glad I found Dr Novick and his staff. I would highly recommend anyone with little ones, older kids or for themselves to make their next dentist appointment at Celebrity Dental.
The Future Quinn’s
16:29 15 Feb 21
What a pleasure it was to come to Dr Novick’s office. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We found our permanent dentist! I highly recommend this place to everyone.
cindy j
20:34 12 Feb 21
Great place. Very friendly staff . He explains everything in detail so you are comfortable. I Wish there was payment plans.
Christopher St.Amand
00:19 11 Feb 21
Dr. Novick and his team are always professional. He takes his time to explain what he is doing. They always follow up to see how I’m doing afterwards. I Would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a new dentist.
Kristen Hiris
21:34 10 Feb 21
Great dentist and staff. Dr. Novick always explains everything to me and to my kids thoroughly calming any anxiety. He always works hard to ensure that everything feels good and looks good and most importantly that our mouths are healthy. The office is and has always been impeccably clean which in these times is so important. No hesitation in giving the office a five star review.
Charline Lindquist
17:45 02 Feb 21
I have been going to Dr. Dr. Novick for over 27 years. They always make me feel comfortable. He always explains what he needs to do. I would highly recommend him.
Sarah Corallo
12:18 30 Jan 21
I can’t say enough about how great this practice is. Dr Novick is knowledgeable, kind and extremely gentle. I have had 2 procedures done that were 100% pain free. moving my family’s dental care to this practice was the best decision we’ve made. I recently took my 10 and 12 year old for their annual cleaning and after leaving my very fearful 10 year old said “I like him a lot and his helper (hygienist) was the best she didn’t even make me gag”. My 12 year old asked me if he could keep coming back to this dentist because as he said “he talked to me like I’m a real person and didn’t baby me”, Dr Novick made a connection with the kids and really encouraged them to be a part of their treatment and to have an active role in their dental care. If you are looking for a fantastic dental practice for yourself and your family I hands down recommend Dr. Novick and the team and Celebrity Dental.
Anderson Sturge
15:55 27 Jan 21
I have been treated by Dr. Novich for over 25 years and have had nothing but great experiences every time I visit his office. The professional staff and Dr. Novich cannot be matched. From scheduling to treatment have been nothing, but unbelievable. To understand what I saying you have to experience it yourself.
20:17 14 Nov 20
The staff was amazing. From the 1st telephone call to the initial visit. Very helpful with both insurance company issues and providing clear and precise information regarding my treatment. They went far and beyond to insure painless treatment. They made me feel so comfortable.. I definitely recommend them..
Connor Sullivan
19:12 07 Oct 20
Dr. Novak actually cleaned my teeth himself in order for me to get in due to covid. People who are afraid of the dentist should definitely come see him. He actually cares about your teeth. He doesn't just say your teeth look great see you next visit. He has X-rays done usually every other visit (one a year) to see if anything new pops up. Dr. Novak also explains things to patients. He helps them with their hygiene overall. The people at the front desk are great as well, very polite. Dental Hygienists and X-ray techs are the best as well. I recommend going to Celebrity Dental to everyone.
Stacey Lewis
17:44 07 Oct 20
The best dental care I have ever experienced! Professional, courteous, and friendly staff made me feel safe. I would highly recommend to anyone!!!
Maria B
16:24 07 Oct 20
Dr. Novick and his staff are extremely patient and kind. They went above and beyond to make this new patient with a couple of dental issues feel welcome and comfortable.
Craig Beckerle
16:13 07 Oct 20
Clean facility. All staff were kind and professional. Dr.Novick was very patient, gentle and thorough. I would highly recommend his practice.
raymond grossarth
22:15 04 Oct 20
Asked about comfort and asked about pain management. Explained everything! Best dentist I have ever been to!
Joseph Gallagher
19:48 03 Oct 20
Dr. Novick has been a great blessing to me. I have always had a fear of the dentist and lack of compliance with follow up. Dr. Novick is understanding of that fear. He makes sure he explains what I need and why. He makes sure I’m comfortable and pain free. I have a picture of what my overall dental plan is and the benefits of achieving these goals. His staff is great and funny. I’m glad I found them. Very much recommend his dental practice. You won’t be sorry you chose them.
Nancy Millien
11:58 23 Aug 20
I have been to the dentist before but this may be my best dental experience. They made me feel very comfortable and such friendly people. I highly recommend their services for all of your dental needs.
Dr Dan
16:20 20 Jul 20
Wonderful dentist, wonderful staff, really a wonderful experience all around..I have been going here since I was a boy and I couldn’t imagine a better place. Even during these COVID times, Dr Novick and his team provide the very best care in a safe and comfortable environment!
Gabrielle Holmstrom
13:02 05 Jun 20
My mother just went for the first time and had a great experience and said the staff was so nice. I made an appointment for this month.
Michael Janowitz
16:42 03 Jun 20
The staff at Dr Novicks office are the best. They make you feel safe and part of there family. Dr Novick is also top notch and makes you understand everything going on. I highly recommend them for yourself and your children as well.
Jaime Schnaider
21:53 02 Jun 20
I was kept informed of my procedure protocols the entire time, fully numb and in no pain. The procedure went without any complications. I walked out without any pain and no post surgical issues. I didn't even need a tylenol. I was totally satisfied with the delcate work performed on my teeth. Dr. Novick and his assistant were great. His staff is also very nice and easy to work with. Thumbs up all the way.
Phyllis Hauner-Morris
20:09 01 Jun 20
Dr. Novick is always accomodating, explains what he is doing as he works, and makes follow up calls to ensure my health and well being. Office staff is friendly and efficient. Well worth my 2+hour drive to see him for my dental care!
Doug Holzer
00:10 22 May 20
Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know the experience I had at celebrity dental. I recently had to go in for emergency procedure and I contacted Dr. Novick and his staff and made an appointment. From the moment I stepped into his office I was thoroughly impressed with the procedures they had in place to make it safe. The office was very clean and all the the patients were wearing masks. Everyone was practicing social distancing which made me even feel more comfortable. If anyone needs a safe, clean and reliable dentist office I would thoroughly recommend Dr. Novick.
Brian Keaveney
13:55 14 May 20
Dr. Novick treated my son about eight months ago. I normally go to dentist on the north shore in my town but I had heard such wonderful things about Dr. Novick so I decided to take the journey to his office. I have to tell you I couldn’t have been more happy and more satisfied with the way he treated me and my son. A usually stressful procedure for my child was done seamlessly and professionally. I would definitely take the journey back to see Dr. Novick and I highly recommend them to all people
Bill Hahn
22:48 14 Mar 20
Dr Novick I’d wonderful. He explains everything that he is going to do and how. He also makes sure you have no repeat no pain. His staff is friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone in the Franklin Square- West Hempstead area.
elizabeth stone
16:29 14 Mar 20
Incredible office staff ! Dr Novick genius !!! Love love the results :.. wasn’t an easy journey but so so worth it and so much better than expected !!! Thank you thank you
Randi Abrams
16:14 09 Mar 20
I recently changed dentists and went to Dr Novick He and his staff couldn’t have been nicer We all get nervous going to the dentist and he was gentle and professional. Looking forward to future checkups . Highly recommend for all family members.
Michael Abrams
14:46 09 Mar 20
Wow! Just wow!... I say that becuse like so many, I’m someone who dreads going to the dentist. Filled with anxiety from a young age, I always associated the dentist with negativity. That was the case until I had my first appointment with Dr. Novick. The experience provided by him and his incredible office staff is second to none. I would go as far as to say, it was actually kind of fun. Dr. Novick’s calming personality and witty humor made it feel like I was anywhere but a dentists office. I highly recommend for children and adults of any age if you’re looking for a dental experience that will actually be enjoyable!
Koral Heiseler
14:23 09 Mar 20
Dr. Novick. is informative, caring and extremely kind. I highly recommend him!
Rose Ravalli
17:10 17 Sep 19
I have been Dr. Novick’s patient for many years and the care that I’ve received over the years has never been anything less than excellent. As a nurse I’m very conscious of environment and cleanliness. In addition to always feeling safe… his office is welcoming and comfortable. From the first day, almost 30 years ago, it was immediately apparent how knowledgeable Dr. Novick was and how much he enjoyed his profession. Time has not changed this. He remains current in dental practices and procedures, and it is apparent that he still loves what he does. Many years ago, my Mom was very ill and was in rehab, and he came to the facility to address an issue she was having. Who does this? I will never forget that kindness. I am very sensitive about my teeth, maybe too sensitive, and have had some dental issues over the years. Dr. Novick has always been patient and interested in addressing whatever concerns I’ve had. He explains everything he is doing; there is never any pain; there are never any surprises and he calls to follow up after a procedure. His staff is phenomenal! Diana, his office manager and Danielle, his patient coordinator, are a pleasure to deal with. They are accommodating and professional, and simply the nicest people you could know. Since Pam, his Dental Hygienist, has been in the practice I no longer dread cleanings. She is gentle and thorough. And his assistants Rafaela and Laura are friendly and a pleasure. It is difficult these days to find a physician in any specialty who has the expertise, patience and caring personality that Dr. Novick has…as well as a terrific staff. What more can you ask for? I’ve told Dr. Novick many times that he had better not decide to relocate or retire (a ways off, I imagine) as long as I still have teeth in my mouth!!!
Ian R.
22:38 25 Jun 19
There is soooooooo much that’s incredible about this office and all of those working within it, that it’s rather difficult for me to put it into words. Can’t wait for my next visit!
Gregory Robinson
22:15 10 Jun 19
Been coming here a really long time. I don't even live local anymore and travel from CT because Dr. Novick has really taken care of my mouth over the years. He always takes the time to explain everything and even follows up personally after any procedure to make sure your doing ok. Always a great experience, and you can tell that everyone actually cares about their patients. The office is clean and runs on time which is amazing. Thank you Diana, Pamela, Danielle and the rest of the crew.
Paul Lizio
15:57 03 Apr 19
I have been going to Dr. Novick for over 15 years and i have never had a bad experience. He never over books patients so there is never a wait when I go. He has a friendly staff and is very knowledgeable in his practice. My teeth and gums have improved tremendously since I have been going there. Thanks, Doc!
Shalom Lamm
20:23 26 Feb 19
Super-friendly staff, and never a wait of more than just a few minutes. The office has real patient-centered feel from Dr. Novick himself to every person with whom you come into contact.
Jennifer Stillman
18:30 03 Nov 18
I've never had such a pleasant experience at the dentist as I did at Dr. Novick's office!!! The staff is very friendly and made me feel at ease!!! I had 2 teeth pulled and was not in any pain after. Dr. Novick explained everything he was doing and made sure I was as comfortable as possible!!! By far the best!!!! I will recommend Celebrity Dental to all my family and friends!!!!
Marsha Holland
18:19 09 Oct 18
I wish I could give more than 5 stars, Dr. Novick and his staff are phenomenal, I never ever met such a beautifully trained inviting and warm staff, let's start with Danielle, she is the patient coordinator, I had spoken to this angel over the phone before my appointment, she relaxed me with her very kind soft spoken words, she is exceptional in her work, Diana, this is who I saw upon my arrival, she is the office manager, another soft spoken beautiful angel, just like Danielle, she made me feel so welcome, she is like an old friend, whom I had not seen in a long while,( I was that comfortable) Laura and Rafaela, are more beautiful souls, they are the dental assistants, they are very kind and considerate, they also made me feel like a family member, Pam the dental hygienist , explained everything I need to know to continue on a path to healthy teeth and gums, she explained this in such a way that I was overwhelmed by her level of care and consideration for my OVERALL HEALTH, not to mention she cleaned my teeth so effortless, It felt good and looked even better, Dr. Novick is the absolute best Dentist I ever been to in my life, he's like the icing on the cake, he was thorough, pleasant, and extremely knowledgeable, this man knows his craft, he is also quite handsome, another perk, this experience with him and his staff was so beautiful, I am thanking GOD for this pleasure of finding such a treasure they are all deserving of more than a million stars. Thank You Marsha Holland
Nicole Rosenberg
16:49 22 Sep 18
Nice and clean environment. Dr. Novick is very knowledgeable and kind, as well as the rest of the staff. Dr. Novick explains what is going on and actually discusses with the patient what is the best plan of action. A patient-centered practice. Would recommend to others.
Sheryl Kushnick-Carr
02:51 10 Feb 18
Dr. Novick and his Staff are fantastic!! I've been going there for over 12 years, and now bring my elderly parents to Celebrity Dental as well. Dr. Novick is beyond gentle, explains everything, doesn't double book.... Can't recommend them enough!!!
Lenore Weingarten
00:06 01 Feb 18
The staff in this office is AMAZING. Dr. Novick is a fantastic dentist. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs a dentist.
renee Nero
01:50 18 Jan 18
I always hated going to the dentist and would skip years at a time but once I started going to Dr Novick that hatred faded off. It may sound corny but Dr Novick gave me my smile. I trust his opinion and take his advice on what he recommendeds for my oral health. His staff is wonderful. Everyone is friendly and makes you feel comfortable.
03:46 23 Dec 17
Dr. Novick goes the extra mile to ensure I have the best possible outcome. Because of this my teeth are in great shape. His hygienist who did my teeth cleaning has the same great attitude.
02:36 18 Dec 17
Dr Novick and the Celebrity Dental Team Is Awesome! Hands down the best dentist our family has ever gone to! His staff is awesome and there is never a wait when you visit! Dr Novick is also awesome with my 2 kids (7 and 12) and even got them to brush twice a day! Over 10 years strong and my teeth have never been better! - Thanks Guys!!!
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