First of all, Congratulations, you made it through the Root Canal! Hopefully you had a pleasant experience, considering the circumstances. That truly is our goal.

The most difficult questions we are asked is, “What am I going to feel after the numbness wears off?” Root Canal Therapy disinfects the inside of the root of an infected tooth. Since everyone heals differently, it is hard to predict what your experience will be. The following instructions are meant to guide you through the healing phase as comfortable as possible.

  • Do NOT chew, touch with a finger, tap with tongue or finger, bite or put pressure on that tooth until your next visit. Do NOT floss or Waterpik that area and brush gently every day.
  • If you are given any prescription medication related to this treatment please take them as instructed by Dr. Novick.
  • Rinsing the inside of your mouth in the area of the treatment several times a day with warm salt water rinses can relieve mild irritation of the gum around the teeth.